• FolkTownBohoDress-Maggie_2261


    It’s not too hard to find a dusty little road leading to nowhere. You can drive past… » see more

  • Hangi 0177_cropped

    Hide The Brutality

    Inspired by a traumatic event from his New Zealand childhood, this short film shares a glimpse of… » see more

  • 09_Hotel-Paradiso-romper-Bluebird-59451

    Hotel Paradiso (photos)

    This island was a Summer lovin’ Paradise. Think idyllic white sand, a row of quaint, white and… » see more

  • HotelParadiso-BehindTheScenes copy

    Hotel Paradiso (video)

    In between photographing Spell’s ‘Hotel Paradiso‘ campaign, I shot this campaign video, and a behind the scenes… » see more

  • Falls_2015_16_Marion Bay_Final_15sec Ad


    One of my favourite filming exploits of the year, getting to go back to the homelands and… » see more

  • RIP

    R I P

    I was recently testing out my new Aquatech Water Housing for the RED EPIC at my local… » see more

  • 015-spell-designs-love-child-flares-gypsiana-off-shoulder-top


    GYPSIANA – SPELL AUTUMN 15 – A sun-drenched road trip compelled by wanderlust and nostalgia, a journey back to… » see more

  • 01_Spell-and-the-Gypsy-Collective_Sahara-Lace-Crop-top-02161

    Island Boho (photos)

    ISLAND BOHO // SPELL Photographer Johnny Abegg Muse Zippora Seven @ IMG Hair Luciana Rose | Make… » see more

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