Bay of the Dead

Bay of the Dead (2007)

A Zombie/Surf flick of the creeeepiest!

Your listening to Creep FM. Local villain George Gates, in retaliation to losing ownership of a his local surf break, Paradise Bay, has genetically engineered Zombies to take over Byron Bay & to get back at the local surf community! Arrrghhhh! Only the Intergalactic Blowin’ powers of Master Beauda and his apprentice Stickwalker, can return Byron Bay back to it’s laid back ways.

The film is full of epic local surfing & some hilarious acting by Danny Wills, Craig Warton, Beau Walker, Ellis Ericson, Johnny Abegg, Nick Colbey, Yerin Brown, Luke Stickley, Dylan Garft, Josh Lewan, Jarrad Sullivan & featuring many others.

Bay of the Dead’s Zombie presence also hits the Gold Coast, where a camp zombie named Creepy surfs with the likes of Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, Bobby Martinez, Dean Morrison, Joel Parkinson & other creepsters.

Featuring local music by Parkway Drive, Wild Marmalade, Engine Three Seven, Symbiosis, Freaks of Nature, Jez, Boneyard, Natalie & Carlo (Blue King Brown), Wright Brothers, JR Dallas, Raz Bin Sam and Dubshack..

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